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◆Dezhou ruiyong Texin import and Export Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that dedicated to the production and sale, research and decelopment,of auto parts for all types of heavy mining machinery and equipment,Our Product range includes,but not limited to,thrust rod,steering track rod,steering cylin-der,drive shaft,cargo tank lifting cylinder,customize non-standard high strength bolts.

◆Our Company is th anthorized selling agent of ShanDong LinGong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd(SDLG),YangZhou ShengDa Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd.,ShanXi Automo-bile Group Co.,Ltd(SHACMAN),China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co.,Ltd(SINOTRUCK),Shanxi TOngly Heavy In-dustries Co.,Ltd.(TONLY),Tai'an Aerospace Special Vehicle Co.,Ltd.,(HANGTIAN) and other non-road mining dump truck spare parts.

◆Enterprise Serves a variety of overseas brands: VOLVO、CAT、KOMATSU、TEREX、ATLASCOPCO、DOOSAN、AND CUMMINS.

◆ENterprise culture::To serce our customers with high standard, high level , excellent quality and the lowest cost on every of our products.Is our company permanertly unchanged promise.

Address :double river industrial park , Qingyun, Shandong, China

TEL:86-0534-3676 088 / 3677 088

PHONE :186 5341 2928(WeChat with number )

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